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Welcome | WPJ & Associates

WPJ & Associates design, set up and operate membership-based enterprises – MBE. MBEs are business concerns that live out of “dues”, monthly recurrent payments from “member-customers” who enjoy access to a basket of basic online resources included in the membership dues; to extended or external services and goods at discounted prices; and to a community of identified, selected people that mutually share at least one interest.

While traditional business concerns are indifferent to their customers’ life outside the transaction, MBEs try to secure a stronger link. More than being treated personally, members have a say in the enterprise policies and product range. Also, and most importantly, MBEs encourage member-to-member outside-the-wall relationship. In other words, MBEs want members to have their common interests satisfied while developing personal connections and professional networking.

MBEs business model departs from traditional, “over-the-counter” enterprises in two ways. First, customer loyalty comes from both product value and community relevance to members. Second, there is no guessing, educated or not, about the products to be offered. Instead of elaborate market researches (or relying on hunches), MBEs managers just need to ask members what they loved, hated and would like next.

Is the model profitable? While examples of organizations that earn membership dues are plenty, the MBEs remains untested as such. At WPJ & Associates we are currently deploying our first enterprise – the STAGE, a language learning club – which should help us refine the concept and decide where to go from here.

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WPJ & Associates | Membership-based Enterprising